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To get the beautiful, straight teeth you've always wanted - without braces, ask about Invisalign in our Portland, OR office. A complimentary consultation with our Portland orthodontist can determine if Invisalign is right for you.

Our Orthodontist, Dr. Bedont, is a Certified, Premier Invisalign Provider in Portland. So you know you'll get the best results - and a great experience too.

If you’re in Portland, and you’re searching for Invisalign, you’re in great company with Rockwood Orthodontics.

Portland Invisalign®

Invisalign uses a series of invisible, clear, removable, and comfortable aligners that no one can tell you're wearing. Invisalign has been proven effective to correct unwanted gaps between teeth, an over bite, under bite, cross bite, or overcrowding. No need to travel.  If you’re in Portland, Oregon – you’ve got an Invisalign provider right up the street.



What is Invisalign?


Invisalign is a modern and transparent orthodontic device used to align teeth. It is a virtually invisible device that assists in straightening your teeth. It is made of plastic and performs the same function as dental braces. We make Invisalign using 3D imaging technology, which uses a mold taken of your teeth.


Why You Need Invisalign?


Invisalign is transparent and easily removable. It enables you to eat and drink without restrictions, even during treatment. They entail lesser dentist visits for readjustments as they don’t have any wires or metal. They are more comfortable than regular braces and let you visualize the final teeth shape before treatment. Contact us to get the best Invisalign in Portland.

Benefits of Invisalign 


Effortless Maintenance


Braces are comfortable to remove and clean. You can continue consuming the same food or drinks as before without worrying about staining or damaging it. They make brushing or flossing simpler compared to traditional braces. You can buy a standard cleaning kit to clean them or use warm water.


Fewer Consultations


Invisalign braces don’t need the old fashioned metal or wires for support, unlike standard dental braces. It means that your visits to the dentist reduce a lot when you need to make readjustments. You need to consult your dentist once every 8-10 weeks approximately to replace them and evaluate your treatment progress. 


Stylish and Comfortable


The style quotient with Invisalign braces is undeniable. They are not as evident and unattractive as regular braces. They improve the quality and shine of your smile. They are light-weight and custom-built for your teeth. They are incredibly comfortable and rarely cause discomfort while eating or cleaning.


How does it work?


Invisalign works by moving your teeth in small increments over the duration of the treatment until they are all aligned. You wear your aligner for around 22-hours a day and replace your set for a new one every two weeks. The number of replacements depends upon the projection made by the computer to achieve the final result. Each time you replace your aligners, your teeth move closer to your desired alignment and smile. Visit your dentist every 6-8 weeks to ensure that your treatment is on track. The entire process takes approximately 9 to 15 months.


Traditional Braces VS Invisalign?


Traditional braces are made of metal, while Invisalign is a transparent device made of clear plastic. Invisalign can be easily removed before food, whereas regular braces are not removable. Invisalign is more comfortable to wear, easier to clean and maintain. Invisalign is an expensive option compared to traditional braces.


Invisalign for Children


Invisalign First is a specialized tooth straightening treatment aimed at growing children. It is a comfortable, safe, and hygienic option for children. They are easy to remove and require simple maintenance and cleaning during use. People use it to correct dental issues such as teeth crowding, protrusions, and arch development problems. We have specially designed the aligner trays to expand with the jawline of the growing child. We take the X-rays of your child’s smile and build a custom-made aligner tray. We will first make sure that the candidate is deemed and suitable. Your child begins wearing the aligner and returns for regular consultations as prescribed. Contact us for a free consultation on Invisalign for Children in Portland.


Invisalign for Teens


Invisalign Teen is aligners designed especially for people in their teenage. What’s unique about these aligners is that they have special features that take into account the lifestyle and growth patterns of a teen. There are dotted indicators that show if the wearer has followed the prescribed plan along with accommodation for new teeth. These invisible braces boost confidence and appear natural, unlike traditional braces. The way they work is just like other Invisalign braces. Dental consultation for adjustments and the duration of the treatment remain the same. In rare cases, they may need more visits to treat any pain or discomfort.


Invisalign for Adults in Portland


Invisalign is an excellent option for adults who wish to straighten their teeth without investing too much time in their daily lives. They have several distinct benefits over opting for traditional braces. They are comfortable to remove and clean. You needn’t restrict the food or drinks you consume during treatment, and they are comfortable even after wearing for 22-hours a day. They are aesthetically appealing due to their near invisibility. They are also cost-effective and cost slightly more than traditional braces. Your dentist can also put you on a fast-track plan to shorten the total duration of your treatment. 


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