We are proud to be a leader in orthodontic services in the Portland area.


Our Portland office, in the Rockwood area, combines the highest quality orthodontic care and state-of-the-art technology with personalized treatment to achieve excellent treatment results at a cost that fits your budget.

As a premier Portland Orthodontist, this office opened in 2015 to serve patients of all ages in the Portland area, and to offer beautiful smiles at an affordable price. 

Our Portland-based orthodontist offers free exams! Your first appointment will include a thorough examination by the orthodontist who will then discuss treatment options with you.  We do our best to offer the greatest orthodontic care at an affordable price.

If you live or work in Portland, OR, and you’re looking for the highest qualified orthodontist, we suggest visiting Rockwood Orthodontics.

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Portland Orthodontics Services Offered:

Why Choose us as Your Orthodontics in Portland? 


>> Personalized Attention


We treat every patient with personalized care and attention. We maintain detailed medical histories that enable us to provide customized care. Our staff follows up with you regularly to not only schedule appointments but also to check if you are experiencing any pain or discomfort. We are a phone call away if they require any assistance for Braces and Invisalign.


>> Strong Track Record


We are proud of our spotless track record of serving hundreds of satisfied patients in and around Portland. Our expert team of dentists and lab technicians works closely with every patient to provide the best dental care. Our patients have always held us in high regard for our work ethic and consummate professionalism.


>> Modern Equipment


All the orthodontic equipment at our clinic is state-of-the-art and modern. We invest in some of the best dental care equipment, which saves you time and also makes complex procedures less painful. We use the latest x-ray machines and comfortable dental chairs, along with other services such as SMS alerts for appointments


>> Customized Treatment


Every individual is unique, and we customize the treatment and recovery plan based on individual needs. Our orthodontics in Portland performs a detailed diagnosis based on your dental case history and other health records. We lay down a tailor-made treatment plan just for you to ensure that you’re getting the most exceptional care and also time to heal.


>> Wide range of services


Our orthodontics offers a host of services that cover all aspects of dental care. You can consult with us for dental issues for all age groups ranging from toddlers to senior citizens. Our orthodontic treatment includes all the standard dental procedures. We offer other specialized services such as childhood interceptive treatment and surgical orthodontics in Portland.


>> Fewer office Visits


Our specialists plan the procedures in a way that reduces the number of repeated visits to our clinic. After the main procedures, you revisit purely for status checks and to proceed with the next steps. We explain the healing process, maintenance, and pain management methods that you can do comfortably from your home.


>> Comfortable Braces


The braces we design and build for you are comfortable to wear and custom-built for you. Our surgical orthodontics in Portland uses advanced computer imaging techniques to precisely design the braces so that they fit your teeth perfectly. Our braces are of high-quality and don’t stain or discolor easily. They are also simple to clean and easy to maintain.


Why Do You Need Braces?


There are plenty of other reasons people opt for dental braces other than straightening their teeth. Dental braces are useful in correcting a wide variety of dental problems. People use Braces to straighten crooked teeth or crowding in the teeth. They help in fixing a misaligned bite if you continually bite into the sides of the roof of your mouth. We recommend Dental braces for people who have irregular teeth or jawline due to premature loss of baby teeth. They also help if you suffer from a narrow bite that leads to teeth clenching and problems chewing food.


FAQs on Orthodontists


1) What is the minimum age required for orthodontics screening?


The general recommended age for initial orthodontic screening is seven years. It is because most of the permanent teeth in children begin erupting around this stage of development. It is a preferred stage for evaluation for most orthodontists. It enables them to make a clear and effective diagnosis to identify early signs of any dental problems.


2) Do I need an orthodontic specialist?


Orthodontists are specialists with extensive knowledge of teeth, jaw structures, and facial anatomy. It’s advisable to consult one before any dental treatment, regardless of the complexity of the procedure. They are well trained and can offer personalized advice to you. Also, they will caution you against medications that may hurt your health.


3) What is the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist?


An orthodontist has an additional specialization that enables them to diagnose complex problems. Dentists, on the other hand, should be preferred for common procedures like extractions and cavity fillings. Adults should consult an orthodontist even before undergoing a minor procedure. It helps affirm that the chosen procedure is the best course of treatment without any risks.


4) How often do I need treatment?


The frequency at which you consult your dentist depends on several factors. Ideally, we recommend a visit every 4-10 weeks. It could change depending on the progress of your treatment. In case of pain or readjustment issues with your current braces, You might need more frequent consultations. You can set up an appointment with our orthodontist at your convenience.

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