Types of braces

Types of braces

For a lot of people, actually wearing their braces are considered the most prominent piece of their treatment plan. 
Typically, the most common braces are the standard metal-looking kind. But in recent years, many more options have become available in Portland that may better suit one patient than another.  

It’s crucial to discern the differences between removable and fixed orthodontic appliances. Fixed appliances (e.g braces) are physically bonded to your teeth by metal bands or special oral cement.  Most often, a patient’s braces are not removed until treatment has finished.

Removable appliances (such as clear aligners) are worn most often during the day, however, may be taken off whenever required.  While removable appliances best suit those in need of mild orthodontic treatment, fixed appliances tend to still be the most necessary and common treatment.  For more information on each type of braces in Portland, follow the links below:

Types of Braces in Portland: