Established in 2015.

Rockwood Orthodontics was established in Portland, Oregon to serve patients of all ages in Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington to offer beautiful smiles at an affordable price.

Exams are free! We only charge for an exam if you don't show up for your scheduled appointment.  The initial appointment will consist of a thorough examination by the orthodontist who will discuss his findings and potential treatment options with you. After you have a complete understanding of the treatment possibilities, our Treatment Coordinator will then review the fees for treatment and discuss payment options.

Who needs braces?


Orthodontics is more than straightening crooked teeth. An overbite, an underbite, a dysfunctional smile, and a small or protruding chin all can be corrected with orthodontic treatment. Proper tooth and jaw alignment are critical to achieving long-term oral health.

Typical signs of the need for an orthodontic exam may include, but are not limited to the early or late loss of teeth, difficulty in chewing, mouth-breathing, finger sucking, crowded teeth, jaw dysfunction, a small or protruding jaw, or misaligned teeth. Other signs of potential orthodontic problems may not be obvious. Our exam is complimentary and is the most sensible means of ensuring proper oral health.

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