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Affordable Braces in Portland

Our goal at Rockwood Orthodontics, is to make braces affordable for everyone. We have a great reputation of quality and affordability from all across the Portland area.  Our patients choose Rockwood Orthodontics because they want great results, they need affordable braces, and they want a caring, gentle orthodontist and staff.

Our affordable braces options start as low as $3999, which is mush cheaper than other typical-priced providers - for the same treatment. See our specials here.

We'll also contact any insurance plan you may have to find out if there is coverage. At your Portland orthodontist exam, we will discuss all facets of your recommended treatment, including any fees.


To make your braces even more affordable, we offer plans, such as our $149/mo braces package.  We can also offer other flexible in-house financing options.

Our excellent staff have received wonderful patient reviews. We're happy to help with insurance claims and other necessary paperwork. We want your experience with us to be pleasant, easy and affordable!


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