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why braces?

Why do people get braces? Are crooked teeth really that big a deal?

At Rockwood Orthodontics, we see all kinds of patients with unique orthodontic needs. But why get braces at all? The most immediately obvious answer to the question of why people get braces - or other orthodontic treatment - is that straight teeth look nicer than crooked teeth. For some people, their crooked teeth are a source of embarrassment, and we don’t think that anybody should have to hide their smile.

In fact, studies show that 83% of people 18-54 reported improved personal relationships post-orthodontic treatment and 58% reported improved career success (studies published by American Association of Orthodontists).

We believe that every child should have an evaluation by age seven. Why? Because many problems can start early. By heading them off with conservative treatments when kids are young, we can avoid more complex or invasive treatments later. Not every child will need these interventions, of course, but if your child does, it’s much better to identify them now. Doing so could reduce the time your child spends in braces and eliminate the need for more costly interventions down the road.


But there are more reasons than just aesthetic reasons to get braces or Invisalign. Crooked, crowded, and misaligned teeth are also more difficult to clean. In time, this could mean a higher risk of decay and periodontal disease. If your bite is misaligned, you could also wind up with dental erosion, jaw pain, and a condition called temporomandibular joint disorder, in which your jaw joint just below your ear becomes inflamed and painful.


How Does Orthodontic Treatment Work?


In the past, your orthodontic options were more limited and were more likely to be uncomfortable and bulky. Today, we have many types of appliances to choose from, and some are barely noticeable! In addition to metal, your appliance could be made from ceramic or even plastic. It could also be bonded to your teeth or removable. The way that braces (and other orthodontic treatments) and appliances work is by exerting a gentle but constant force on your teeth, carefully controlled by your Rockwood orthodontist to gradually move your teeth into their correct positions.

We make braces fun! These days, you can choose clear or metal brackets, and you can eve choose the color of your ties (which are used to hold the wire in place in the brackets). Wires aren’t as obvious as they once were, and updated materials and techniques allow the teeth to move more quickly with less discomfort, making treatment faster and more efficient.


How Long Will My Treatment Last?

Orthodontic treatment depends upon your own unique factors which include the growth rate of your mouth and face and how severe the problem is. Some patients have treatments that last 10-12 months, some treatments are 16-24 months, few are longer than 24 months. Rockwood Orthodontics is proud to offer low cost braces for your whole family. 

While we’ll do our best to accurately estimate your treatment time, some variation is possible. Unforeseen circumstances can come up, and you may respond to treatment differently than expected. Additionally, your diligence in caring for your oral health and using your appliances is also an important part of your treatment program and will help determine the length of your treatment time.

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