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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in Portland (this service temporary unavailable) 

If you’re in Portland, Oregon and are looking for teeth whitening services, Rockwood Orthodontics' office is the place to go.

We offer Opalescense take-home teeth whitening gel to our Portland patients.  We’re close by, so it’s easy to get – or have us help you with.


Opalescense is a professional teeth whitener that you can only get in Portland through a prescription by our office.


You can buy all kinds of teeth whitening products. But if you want teeth whitening done right, and you live or work in the Portland, OR area – there’s really no better option than to come to our Portland office, and get a prescription for Opalescense professional teeth whitening gel.
















Teeth Whitening


How does it work?


The staining on your teeth could be either extrinsic or intrinsic. Regular whitening toothpaste and mouth rinses may help in the removal of some extrinsic stains. It leaves the more stubborn extrinsic and intrinsic strains present, causing teeth discoloration. Teeth whiteners contain a whitening agent like Carbide or Hydrogen Peroxide. They penetrate deeper into tooth enamel and surrounding gums to get rid of the tougher stains. They break down the molecules that cause discoloration leading to increased oxygen inside your teeth. Get in touch with us to get teeth whitening in Portland. It whitens the entire teeth and leads to a brighter smile. It also promotes better gum hygiene.






Benefits of Teeth Whitening


There are several benefits of opting for teeth whitening. Some of these are:


  • It improves your self-confidence and boosts your confidence when interacting with people. It enhances the quality and shine of your smile, which is bound to dazzle people.

  • Whiter teeth draw people’s attention away from facial wrinkles. Many people have benefited from our Portland teeth whitening process.

  • Teeth whitening is a low-cost dental procedure compared to others, such as implants, braces or dental bridges. 

  • Teeth whitening is proven safe and does not affect your physical health. Its action does not cause any damage or decay to your teeth or surrounding tissues.

  • The most significant benefit is that you rarely need to revisit your dentist. Applying the whitener is easy and does not require professional supervision. Dentist visits are only necessary if you face any allergies or pain due to their application.

  • The treatment is painless and non-invasive in nature. You don’t experience any pain, and there is no need for any surgical or professional dental equipment.

  • You can choose the shade of whiteness that best complements your facial complexion and body language.

  • The effects of teeth whitening agents are generally long-lasting and durable. Get a quote for teeth whitening in Portland now!

  • It is easy to maintain, and restrictions on food and drinks wean off after the first 24-hours.


Bleaching vs. Whitening


The two main avenues chosen by people for teeth whitening are bleaching and whitening. Bleaching is a process where the teeth are whitened beyond its natural shade using bleaching agents. Common bleaching agents are Carbamide or Hydrogen peroxide. In teeth whitening, we will clean the surface of the teeth extensively to remove stains and accumulated dirt. This process sometimes uses a few bleaching agents. These two processes do share commonalities, but People are often confused between the two terms. It includes at-home kits, painless application, and similar treatment duration. Both these methods improve the quality of your smile and general dental hygiene.


In-Office Teeth Whitening


In-office teeth whitening is a simple process that we can perform at the dentist’s office. The procedure takes approximately 1-2 hours and is entirely safe and painless. The orthodontist applies a protective gel around your teeth, followed by a bleaching agent. A specialized light activates the agent leading to whiter teeth.


Take-home Teeth Whitening


This method of teeth whitening involves purchasing prescribed whitening products from your pharmacy. These are simple to use, and you can apply it safely from the comfort of your home. There are several products available in the form of strips, pens, and gels. They contain a lower concentration of bleaching agents.


Is it safe?


Experts did extensive testing on the Teeth whitening products and proven to be completely safe. It is the most effective and low-cost way of whitening your teeth. You may occasionally experience tooth sensitivity, and you can manage it with a specialized toothpaste. We do not recommend Teeth whitening products for pregnant women or breastfeeding moms.


How long does it take?


The time taken to see results with teeth whitening depends on the extent of staining and discoloration. Each session lasts between 30-60-minutes. The whole course of treatment until desired results are evident could last between 2-4 weeks. At-home whitening could take longer owing to the lowered concentration of the whitening agents.


How long does it last?


Generally, results of professional teeth whitening can last anywhere from 6-months to over 2-years. The main factor which determines this is your lifestyle as well as your daily oral hygiene. Avoiding foods that cause damage or decay, and eating healthy food lets the effects of the whitening last considerably longer.


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